Pass through the gates to the right of the cattle grids. Dogs can be taken around the Stowe parkland but they must by kept on leads at all times to protect livestock and wildlife.

Queen Victoria came to visit Stowe in 1845 and this drive, similar to the route she would have taken, is named after her. When Victoria visited Lord Cobham he was already in serious debt. Wanting to hide the issues; staff, local residents and bailiffs appraising the property for payment of debts were all dressed in fake uniforms.

As you travel around the route you see Stowe House and its temples from multiple different angles, like the avenue, the route was designed to give tiny glimpses of the house. Near to the Copper Bottom Lake you can also see the back of the Temple of Venus; part of the vice area of the gardens.

The land around the landscaped gardens was used for grazing and hunting. More recent visitors might remember spotting a pig amongst the sheep. He was the pet of the farmer.