With royal visitors a regular feature for the Temple family at Stowe House, this stunning arch was built to awe visitors, originally coaches would have approached and passed under the arch before turning to the left.

As with the approach along the Grand Avenue, Stowe House would drop in and out of view, with small glimpses being seen through the carriage windows. We can still follow a similar route by walking along the Queen’s Drive road to your left.

The small glimpses of the estate we have seen along the Grand Avenue show off the grand wealth of the family, but by the time the 3rd Marquess of Buckingham inherited the house the family was already in serious financial trouble, with overspending ruining the family as quickly as its wealth had expanded. Nonetheless the gardens beyond these arches are rich with follies and temples, a physical manifestation of the Temple family motto: Templa quam Delecta (How Beautiful are thy Temples).

Like the Buckingham Lodges’ gate keepers and their families (and later staff of the estate) lived in each side of the base. Each home is three stories with the windows hidden to either side. Buxplore have heard of at least one local resident born inside the Arch! Many of these hidden homes across the parks are still used as homes for Stowe staff.

Please be aware that National Trust properties are currently closed.

From here, turn right and follow the path round to the New Inn. Here you will find the National Trust shop, café and toilets which are free to enter, Here you can purchase a ticket or join as a member of the National Trust to visit the Garden. You can also find out more about visiting Stowe House, run by Stowe House Preservation Trust. To carry on the walk in the parkland, take the path to the left along Queen’s Drive.