Just after the entrance to Chackmore there used to be a fountain. It was built in 1831 as a tall brick decorative feature that marked the source of a spring which still flows under the road.

Old Stowe and Lamport Villages, the two villages closest to Stowe House, were almost totally destroyed by Lord Cobham in his quest for the perfect landscaped gardens around his estate. Residents were evicted to live in Dadford, north of Stowe, and homes and buildings were destroyed. Stowe’s 14th Century Church survived only because the King said that permission would need to be granted before Lord Cobham could have it removed, and the Church refused. The Church still exists inside the gardens, although it can be tricky to find as the family ordered for densely planted trees to be grown around the church so it couldn’t be seen from the house.

Chackmore, however, survived.