The evening was swift on Jeeves’ heels as he arrived at Trolly Hall. Elegant and wealthy gentlemen in their best tailcoats were being greeted at the door by a sickeningly subservient butler. The type of ‘entertainment’ available at the hall was an open secret and Jeeves wasn’t in the least bit surprised to see that none of the notable men in his presence were accompanied by their wives.

Walking quickly to catch the butler before the door closed, Jeeves presented himself for entry. “Of course, sir, you know the phrase required for access?”

“I’m a Sergeant of the local Constabulary, I don’t require a password.”

The Butler was impassive and remained stood in such a way that it would be impossible to enter without creating a scene.  “You have a warrant then I trust officer?” he asked quietly.

Jeeves stepped away from the door, considering his options before he forced the matter with the Butler. Remembering the leather purse still in his pocket, Jeeves took it out and removed the letter.

Jeeves turned the scented paper over as a pair of foppish young gents sauntered towards him.  One laughed at the other, “It’s just the number!” before a whisper in the ear of the butler saw them through the door.

On the back of the letter was a basic drawing, lines radiating from a central flaming point.

Of course, it was a hint about how to get in: the sundial!