The scruffy path along the river bank at Cornwalls Meadow had been shaped by anglers and curious children. A policeman sees what others don’t and Jeeves instantly recognised the slight widening of the path to be a place where people regularly paused.

Jeeves knelt and inspected the flattened stalks of reeds and grass. He was rewarded with the outline of three hand-fastened cages and a battered net. There was something else. Just there! Careful not to slip and fall, Jeeves parted the reeds until he could grasp the battered object.

It was a simple leather purse, burnt on one side with the initials BS. He opened the leather and was greeted with the soft wild scent of flowers. Inside, there was nothing but a letter, folded into four neat sections. The writing inside was cramped, small and delicate. Small illustrations decorated the edge of the paper, a spray of falling flowers and the distinctive motifs from the suits in a pack of cards.

Jeeves diligently copied the entire letter into his pocket notebook although little of it was of interest. However, the last sentence leapt straight out at him. “We must meet tonight at USPMMZ IBMM. Yours, Anna.”