From medieval farming techniques to the pioneering Forest Gardening concept. Forest gardening is a low maintenance, sustainable, plant-based food production approach to gardening. Welcome to the Edible Woodland. It was created to enhance the well-being and beauty of the community so that local people could grow edible and naturally sustainable plants in an educational social garden.

It has been cleverly designed so that you can maintain ecosystems of useful plants. Soil nutrition and plant growth are self-sustaining. Some of the most important things in the garden are; microbes in the soil that allows for the roots to work, bees that allow the plants to create fruit, and worms that mix up the soil. The basic ecological design principles that allow this garden to continue to grow is all down to nature and the study of science. There are many types of scientists who study different topics to teach us things and how we can look after the planet better. Their work is made easier through the use of machines and robots which help them perform experiments.

Cool fact: There are as many microbes in a tablespoon of soil as there are people in the world. That’s 50 billion!
Just for fun: What did the robot do at lunchtime? It had a byte to eat!