To the left you can now see the Obelisk built in memory of the 2nd Duke of Buckingham, paid for with donations from his Yeomanry. The financially reckless second Duke’s Obelisk is made of granite and is much smaller than others on the grounds.

The Bourbon Tower just beyond it, was built in 1741 to be the Gamekeeper’s house, and then looked rather different with a conical roof. Around 100 years later the roof was replaced to look more like fort and used for exercises with the Buckingham Yeomanry. The training was clearly rough on the building which is pockmarked from being used as target practice.

As you travel you may see glimpses of Stowe Castle to your left.

Image of Bourbon Tower and poppies copyright David Humphries, not for reproduction.

Second image of Bourbon Tower with kind permission from Alison Bone.