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Once a watchmaker’s house, this building is a classic of Buckingham due to the curved walls. There are lots of curved brick walls in Buckingham. They were built that way so that carts could get around the town’s narrow streets without getting stuck. The junction between Elm Street and West Street next to this house is so steep it has now been blocked off!
Pictured, the Bull Inn and a dog swimming in flood water on Well Street, opposite the Watchmaker’s House, in the early 1900s. With kind thanks to the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies. Image of the Watchmaker’s house, 2018, copyright Google.

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Why is the building curved?

  1. So horse and carts could get around corners
  2. Because it looks nice
  3. So cars could get around corners
    Hint: There are lots of curved walls in the oldest parts of Buckingham.

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