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Town Hall from 1685 was pulled down and replaced in 1783. Despite being an iconic part of Buckingham Town Centre the building was nearly torn down again in the 1970s so that Castle Street could be widened; after a huge public outcry it was sold instead, and the bypass built to take a lot of the traffic that used to have to come through the middle of the town.
The building used to have curved corners on both side, but the Castle Street side was removed to widen the road. The swan above the clock at the top of the Hall is the symbol of Buckinghamshire and has been re-gilded several times. Including to celebrate the end of the 1st World War.

Answer the question to reveal the next location:
Why is there no curved wing on the left hand side of the building?

  1. It fell down
  2. To widen the road
  3. Nobody liked it
    Hint: It’s still a bit tricky to get past.

With thanks to the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies for the picture of the well street flood.