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Most of this part of Buckingham was destroyed by fire in 1725. When bricklayer Henry Clements built this house he laid an ammonite into the window casing to the left of the front door.
What is an Ammonite?
An ammonite is a type of fossil; they are remains of sea creatures from 66-201 million years old. Lots of scientists and ordinary people were interested in them when Henry was alive. Many thought they proved that the Bible story about Noah’s flood was true.
Ammonites can be found on beaches particularly where Jurassic rocks form the cliffs, and inland where there is underlying chalk. Henry may well have found this fossil when digging his garden. The ammonite is probably the oldest architectural feature in Buckingham.

How old could the ammonite be?

  1. 200 – 300 years old
  2. 50 – 60 thousand years old
  3. 66-201 million years old
    Hint: Ammonite fossils are as old as dinosaurs

With thanks to #lovebuckingham for the photo of Buckingham tailors