The victim had been found by a work party not far inside the walls of the workhouse grounds.  His body was stiff; an ominous red pool had formed in the cold dirt at his head. A small group of workhouse inmates stood nearby muttering nervously amongst themselves. As soon as Jeeves and the young woman came into sight the Workhouse Master strode purposefully over to meet them.

After a tense exchange of greetings, Jeeves indicated the deceased. “You know this gentleman?”

The Master shook his head, a resigned expression on his face. “Not at all.  This poor unfortunate was not an inmate and he had no business here. But I do think his face is familiar and he may live nearby?”

There was nothing left but for Jeeves to examine the corpse. A search of the pockets found little of value: matches, a few fishing hooks and a well-worn wooden token. It had been carved with a simple flower on one side, while the other side displayed a riddle.