As Jeeves arrived on scene the men of the Buckingham Fire Brigade were already tackling the blaze.  However, despite the brigades valiant efforts, the Aylesbury Brewery was more alight than not and Jeeves had to force his way through a mix of reckless onlookers and hysterical brewery employees. He noticed a woman hobble and stumble away, hardly able to continue as she coughed heavily into her shawl. Jeeves ran to assist, sweeping the woman into his arms and leading her to the safety of the far end of West Street.

As he helped the woman to sit against the wall, her shawl fell away from her face and Jeeves recognised her at once. “Edith!”

Edith groaned as she took in his uniform and attempted to run away from the man that had arrested her more than once before.  But Jeeves was too experienced to be caught off guard and held her arm tight. His intuition told him Anna was the sort of woman who would be known to Edith.

“Edith, I’m not concerned with you at this time. I’m looking for one of the girls, her name is Anna and she was expected at Trolly Hall tonight. You know her.”  He said it as a statement, not allowing Edith an opportunity for denial.

Edith paused for a moment before accepting the inevitable.  Still coughing she nodded. “Yes, I know Anna. I don’t know nuffin about Trolly, but I saw her down the Chewar not long ago.”