Fifty years ago your feet would have been very wet standing here!

This skate park was built after the Millennium, but from 1955 to the mid-90s, this land was a riverside swimming pool. The land was donated to the town after the second world war for leisure use. The immense trauma of the world war had convinced many that space to relax and exercise was important for returning soldiers. The pool itself wasn’t heated to start with but had a fountain for kids to play in, then later a toddler pool. The pool was well loved in the summer months, with a kiosk selling drinks and ice cream.

Before the pool local kids were taught to swim in the river. Wooden platforms were built in two locations so that swimmers didn’t have to stand on the muddy bank.

Now a skate park, and regular venue for Skate Park Awareness Day when Olympic skate stars come to Buckingham to perform and host an open contest.