Otter Name: Lockii

Artist: Young people at My FutureSelf Matters

Sponsor: MyFutureSelf Matters with the support from local residents Charlotte and Justin who wanted to highlight the amazing work Carl was doing for local Buckingham School children.

MyFutureSelf Matters: “We covered the otter in a key/padlock covering to highlight MyFutureSelf unlocking the potential of young people in the Buckingham area. We then got our young people to come up with words that related to their lives and that tied in with emotional well-being, these words were then coloured in by some of the young people completing our mentoring programme’. The young people chose the name Lockii because this is a reflection of the lock and key covering.

Carl is the founder and owner of MyFutureSelf Matters. It is a mentoring service that supports young people in Buckinghamshire with their mental health, lifestyle and wellbeing. They offer 1:1 support in person or online, MyFutureSelf Matters works with children from 10 to 24 years old. MyFutureSelf Matters aims to equip young people with tools and strategies to increase their emotional health, resilience and improve their overall well-being.”

Location: Today this building is used as a Royal Mail Delivery Office but it was once the Buckingham Post Office. Major J. P. Whiteley, MP for North Bucks officially opened the post office back in 1939.