Buckingham became part of a railway network in the late 1850s. The small carpark is where the ticket office once stood. The platforms at Buckingham Station were never raised and you can still see the remains of the platform on the far edge of the car park. The Chandos Building, opposite the station and now part of the University of Buckingham, profited hugely from the railway by manufacturing and transporting agricultural machinery, steam cars and later condensed milk. Although the railway proved to be a successful goods route, passenger traffic was never particularly heavy and it eventually closed in 1966.

The railway is considered one of the most important technological inventions of the 19th century, it brought a substantial reduction in transport costs, leading to the lower prices of goods in shops. They had a massive impact on peoples lives, the railway linked Buckingham with other towns and major cities, created wealth, enabled the growth of new industries and revolutionised the world. It is thought that the robotics industry has a real opportunity to revolutionise the railway next, using robotic technology to maintain the trains to assist us, humans, with boring and labour intensive tasks!

Just for fun: What is a Robots favourite kind of music to listen to? Answer: Heavy Metal!