The village of Lamport originally stood just inside the wall here.

Stowe landscape gardens are listed as property related to British slave owner, the 2nd Duke of Chandos and Buckingham. The clearance of Lamport village to extend the gardens took place around the time the Duke owned slaves in Jamaica and was keen to keep them enslaved. Parts of the house and gardens, including this section will have been paid for by the profits from slavery.

At its peak, the estate and gardens of Stowe House stretched a far as the eye could see. Lamport had obscured the views. Some of the houses had already been destroyed during the Black Death and the Civil War, but many villagers still remained in the 18th Century. As land owner, Lord Cobham was able to force the removal of the villagers to Dadford and demolished their homes. Now very little remains, with even local records being destroyed.

Through the gate you can just see the mile stone that marked the distance between London, Towcester and Buckingham here. The gate itself was designed by William Kent, one of many Head Gardener’s at Stowe. The milestone was returned to its original position by current Head Gardener Barry Smith