The views of Chandos Park are dominated by St Peter and Pauls Church on Castle Hill. Can you see it? You should be standing in between two beautiful weeping willow trees. In the 7th century, Buckingham meant the ‘meadow of Bucca’s people’. The name is said to come from Bucca, the leader of the first Anglo-Saxon settlers. This area of the old town is said to be the first recorded settlement of Bucca’s people in medieval England.

Now, if you look behind you, you can see a football ground, known as Ford Meadow. It was once home to Buckingham Town Football Club, which formed in 1883 and moved grounds in 2011. Some legends believe that the game of football is Anglo-Saxon in origin. Fast-forward more than a thousand years and robots are being built to compete in a robot world championship. By the middle of this century, we may see a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot football players, playing a game against a human team! If that actually happens, do you think you would favour a human team or a robot team?

Just for fun: Why did the robot go back to robot football school? Answer: Because its skills were getting rusty!