St Peter and St Paul’s church was built on Castle hill in 1781, after the old church steeple fell down and destroyed the earlier building in 1776. The original church in Buckingham, at Hunter Street, was one of the only four churches recorded in the 1086 doomsday book.

The site was given by the Verney’s of Claydon House, who had a keen political interest in Buckingham, and also gave the Town Mayor his chain in 1884. Parts of this church were refurbished by famed architect Sir Gilbert Scott, he added the chancel, porch, buttresses, and all of the gothic features that can be found today.

The Church is built in the spot where the Norman castle once stood, from this vantage point the castle was easy to defend, and you get a magnificent view of the town. For a while this spot was also used to play Boules, and was very popular with the sociable 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos.

Archive image of residents celebrating the coronation of George V in 1911 in the Church grounds. With thanks to the Centre for Buckinghamshire studies.

2018 image of families watching May Day celebrations.